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World of Warcraft Theme for Sony Ericsson Phones
Release date: April, 2011

To make a long story short, the author has always considered those themes supplied with Sony Ericsson mobile phones to be ugly. Either static or animated, they look acceptable at their best. Most people don't pay much attention to that matter though. Anyway, the author has designed a World of Warcraft theme for his W800 (converted from K750 actually) some time ago using official art work released by Blizzard. This theme has been adapted to many newer Sony Ericsson mobile phones later. See below how it looks like on K800.
World of Warcraft for Sony Ericsson (theme preview)

The theme is completely static, so it saves battery life of your phone. Only the Walkman and main menu's icons are animated where applicable. Download, copy to your phone's theme directory, install and enjoy. It's just a theme, but it will make your phone look brighter and turn your experience to a little bit more positive degree. That's probably all about it.
Phones Supported Size Theme
K750, D750, W810, W800, W700 199Kb WoW_K750.thm
K770, W880 312Kb WoW_K770.thm
K800, K810 296Kb WoW_K800.thm
W910 303Kb WoW_W910.thm
W980 294Kb WoW_W980.thm
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