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FUJITSU M2952Q, M2954Q

Device Type Hard Drive
Interface Ultra SCSI Wide
Size 3.5 in. third height
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SCSI ID CN7/jumper 1 CN7/jumper 2 CN7/jumper 3 CN7/jumper 4
0 open open open open
1 closed open open open
2 open closed open open
3 closed closed open open
4 open open closed open
5 closed open closed open
6 open closed closed open
7 closed closed closed open
8 open open open closed
9 closed open open closed
10 open closed open closed
11 closed closed open closed
12 open open closed closed
13 closed open closed closed
14 open closed closed closed
15 closed closed closed closed

Function Label Function Label
External operator panel connector CN1 Remote LED CN7/jumper 8
Note: Size of CN1 is unidentified.

Function Label Position
SCSI parity enabled CN6/jumper 2 closed
     SCSI parity disabled CN6/jumper 2 open
Self-diagnostic disabled CN6/jumper 3 open
     Self-diagnostic enabled CN6/jumper 3 closed
Factory configured - do not alter (spindle sync pulse signal) CN7/jumper 5 unidentified
Factory configured - do not alter (IDD reset signal) CN7/jumper 6 unidentified
Write protect disabled CN7/jumper 7 open
     Write protect enabled CN7/jumper 7 closed
Termination enabled (Lower) CN10/jumper 1 closed
     Termination disabled (Lower) CN10/jumper 1 open
Termination enabled (Upper) CN10/jumper 2 closed
     Termination disabled (Upper) CN10/jumper 2 open
Factory configured - do not alter CN10/jumper 3 unidentified
Note: When termination is enabled - terminator needs to be installed.

Setting CN6/jumper 1
Spindle motor starts on power-up closed
     Spindle motor starts on command only open

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